Why The First Multi-Family You Buy Is So Important

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Why The First Multi-Family You Buy Is So Important

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Article by Dave Lindahl

Your first multi-family property is a critical move in your real estate investing career. You’re moving past wrong information and psychological barriers on into new territory to achieve your financial goals. Well, you made the right decision. Multi-family properties open a huge door of profits for the new and experienced investor to achieve their financial goals.

Your first building block of wealth

Multi-family homes are an easy way to get into investing for first time homebuyers. There are loans for owner-occupant home buyers who want to purchase a multi-family home of up to four units which allows home owners the ability to borrow more because they can use the rental income for loan qualification purposes. They’ll also receive owner-occupant financing with little down and lower interest rates as compared to commercial property loans.

There’s less competition

Multi-family investing is still shrouded in myth and misunderstanding. For that very reason, there’s less competition which means more opportunities for you and I to profit! People in general avoid commercial property because they believe that it is too far out of their reach. They see the price tag. They see the work involved and then they run back to working their plan of buying one house at a time. What they’re really missing is the opportunity to learn a new way to profit from real estate – a new system of buying right. Your first multi-family property will take you through the process of putting a tested and proven system to structure the deals the right way.

Significant cash flow can be created

Cash flow is the thing that will make your real estate engine work. You can certainly leverage your way to becoming a millionaire but if it’s only on paper, you’ll be like I was early on in my investment career – a millionaire on paper but still unable to pay my bills.

Your first multi-family property will outperform in profits what your single family investments can do. There’s no doubt that you can become wealthy with single family homes, but you’ll have to do multiple deals quickly just achieve the same amount of money. When you start getting those monthly checks in the mail, you’ll have a reminder of why multi-family investing is the way to go.

Lower risk involved

Multi-family properties provide a cushion of income for unexpected events. If you lost a tenant in a single family property, you’ve also lost all your income for that month. With multi-family properties, the mortgage expense can be covered with rents from other tenants and from your cash flow. If there are repairs or maintenance that needs to be done on the property, the cash flow you generate from the property can help to pay those expenses. In order to do that with a single family property, your cash flow needs to be really high to be able to offset the costs.

Start as big or as small as you want

Commercial property is the path that will help you achieve your financial dreams and goals. The idea here is to just start. You can start off with small properties and still see a remarkable cash flow as compared to single family properties.

Multi-family properties are your ticket to financial freedom. Great cash flow and low risk are just a few of the benefits that properties like these can provide as you reach your financial goals.

Dave Lindahl is one of America’s most successful, hands-on, real estate investors. He has written 3 best selling books: "Commercial Real Estate Investing 101" co-authored with Donald Trump, "Emerging Real Estate Markets" and "Multi-Family Millions." Dave Lindahl is a regular guest speaker at CT REIA. Go here for the current list of upcoming real estate investing seminars in Connecticut.

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