Which of These Real Estate Strategies Do You Want for Only $59

|, by Speaker, Featured, Linda Baumgarten|Which of These Real Estate Strategies Do You Want for Only $59

Which of These Real Estate Strategies Do You Want for Only $59

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Dear CT REIA and Guests,

Since you are reading this, I assume you believe that real estate could be the KEY to your cash flow now as well as your wealth later on.

After all, this is something you can do on your own.

* You can make as much money as you want …
* without permission or approval from your boss or anyone else.
* No glass ceiling here …
* your success is simply based on your willingness to learn
– effective strategies,
– apply action, and
– keep going until you achieve your goals.

So if I could train you in just ONE strategy that could generate at least $500 per month in passive income … would you be willing to invest $59?

Of course you would!

So which one of these strategies do you want to discover?

* Asset protection – after all, it’s not how much you make, it’s how much you KEEP that counts!
* None of Your Own Money Strategies for acquiring apartments (or any other type of real estate) – for example, if the owner will hold the mortgage, you can save THOUSANDS in acquisition costs.
* How about Wholesaling and Rehabbing – we have many members making money on their very first deal – now repeat that 2 to 4 times a year and you have replaced your income.
* Marketing – and Automated Marketing – Most sales come after the 5th to 9th contact – and yet almost everyone gives up after the 2nd or 3rd contact. What would your bank account look like if you got the deals that everyone else has given up on.
* Grants – aren’t you paying too much in taxes? Wouldn’t you like to get that money back? Well you can …once you learn how to apply for government grants for real estate, business, and school.
* Private Money – do you have a rich uncle? Howard did. He bought a 3 family house by getting a mortgage from his uncle. Now he profits $2400 a month and his uncle makes a nice return on his retirement money. What could you do with an unlimited source of fund?
* Staging Houses (and Apartments) for Quick Sale (and Quick Rents) – every day that you hold a property costs you money, doesn’t it? With current days on marketing averaging 90 to 120 days, this really adds up. What if you could discover how to reduce this holding time to fewer than 30 days? At $100 per day savings, this could give you an extra $6000 to $9000!
* Negotiating – remember the last time you bought a car? How much money did you save when you negotiated the price and terms? Now imagine how much you can save when you buy real estate! and Imagine how good you will feel when you have created a transaction that works for both you and the seller. This one strategy can make you money every day of your life!
* and then … how much money have you lost … because you gave up too soon? We see it every day … we see that success that our students have just because they refused to give up! This ONE strategy can make the difference for your success.

Ok … so each of these strategies can make you (or save you) thousands of dollars. So … if you had to choose one … which one of these strategies are you going to buy for only $59?

Tough question isn’t it?

Well, the GOOD NEWS is that you receive ALL of these strategies for just ONE ticket of $59!

And … we pay for lunch … which means you can focus on networking with deal makers and service providers … and absorbing the information you will receive THIS WEEKEND.


We really look forward to seeing you this weekend. When you arrive, please find us and introduce yourself to us. We want to be part of your success… month in, month out.


CT REIA Coach Linda, Lou, and JoAnne

PS For ten years, we have been part of so many people’s success. In fact, Croix Sather who is speaking this weekend started out as a CT REIA member. And you will hear real life case studies of deals that our members have done.

We look forward to being part of your success!

PPS For only $59, you will be exposed to 8 money-making and money-saving strategies that can change your life. And we have a powerful money-back guarantee.

PPPS Check out our options for VIP and VIP+ participation for a full weekend experience!

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