How To Make An Easy $100,000 In The Next Ten Months (Part 2)

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How To Make An Easy $100,000 In The Next Ten Months (Part 2)

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Article by Caryn McKinney and Mark Klee

This multi-part Report is your personal guide to an untapped goldmine of secret motivated sellers that 98% of investors don’t know about. And if they do, they’re scared to go after them … for no sane reason!

Part II – Where do Bankruptcies really fit into the Investing Puzzle?

Before we explore this topic further, let’s make sure you understand just WHERE using the public bankruptcy records as a powerful lead generation tool fits into the puzzle we call real estate investing. You need to understand WHY this is such a critical piece for your success.

Let’s use a fun analogy: How many of you have put together a jigsaw puzzle? All of us, right?

Well, what’s the first thing you do? You open the box, dump the pieces on a table, turn them over and then start looking for what? The edge pieces AND the most precious corner pieces! It’s the corners that really give your puzzle its shape, right? Now, if you haven’t figured it out already, successful real estate investing is just like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. If you don’t do things in the right order or you try to put a piece in the wrong spot, it just doesn’t work! Let’s explain what we mean:

FIRST, you have to find a consistent source of leads (motivated sellers who are ready to sell NOW).

NEXT, depending on the numbers in the deal, you determine your buying strategy (Subject-To, Short-Sale, Lease Purchase, Equity Purchase).

NEXT, you determine your funding source (Cash, Private Lending, Hard Money, Subject-To, Conventional Lending).

And FINALLY, you implement your back-end/selling strategy (Wholesale, Retail, Rental, Lease Option).

But what’s the MOST IMPORTANT step in the process?

The answer is simple… and it’s the SECRET that many investors miss:

If you don’t conquer the FIRST STEP FIRST, then you never have the chance to put together the rest of the puzzle and your investing business will never take shape! Before you can succeed, you MUST HAVE a source of motivated seller leads that is consistent, reliable, and predictable. The LACK of a source of quality leads is the single biggest reason that investors fail!

Using the public bankruptcy records as your solution to this problem is a little-known secret. And when you understand how to access this information, you will succeed in setting yourself apart from the masses… and that is the first step to success. Period.

Caryn McKinney and Mark Klee originally partnered in 2002. Now they are a national voice on investing in bankruptcies. At the request of their subscribers and students, they have developed quality training materials and seminars to educate investors about this incredible investment opportunity. Their simplified and detailed information includes everything you need to know as a real estate investor wanting to purchase homes in the bankruptcy niche market, including training you how to access and prescreen the hottest leads coming out of bankruptcy. Now you can enjoy the same amazing profits as Mark and Caryn reveal their secrets. Mark Klee is a regular guest speaker at CT REIA. Go here for the current list of upcoming real estate investing seminars in Connecticut.

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