Staging Your House For Sale: De-personalize It!

||Staging Your House For Sale: De-personalize It!

Staging Your House For Sale: De-personalize It!

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There are various articles that provide tips on how to effectively sell your home. There may be many tips but among all of them, there is one essential thing that matters most: De-personalize your property. Take all the personal stuff and style that you have infused into your home and increase chances of having it sold.

Why should you depersonalize your home?

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By taking out your own “home” out of your property, you give more chances for buyers to imagine themselves living in that house. If you keep your personal style and stuff in the house, they will feel the owner’s design and won’t find any space for their own. For example, if your rooms have lots of your family photos and memorabilia, the buyer’s attention will be focused on those personal items and they will fail to see a house they can make as their own because there is such too much of your personal stuff in it. Your walls might be painted red because it’s how you like it but many buyers might not like it and chances are, your online photos will discourage them to visit it.

You may have your own style but buyers have their own and usually, it’s not the same as yours. If you keep your wall decors, they might turn them off because they don’t like the style. If you keep religious items, you might offend those who don’t share the same religious beliefs as yours. If the color of your house is not what they want, they will be preoccupied of thinking how to repaint it and that will reduce your chances of getting a good selling price because that will be a part of their expenses.

You need to present a building that can motivate buyers to envision themselves living in it. Buyers need to emotionally connect to a house otherwise an offer is not going to be effective. Make it easy for them to connect to your house by taking your personal style and taste out of it. Give them more space to imagine how they can arrange their furniture and provide more opportunities for them to design it as they please. If you need to hire a home stager to maximize the full potential of your property then do it! It will be worth the money in the end.

Steps in depersonalizing your house

If you plan to depersonalize your house on your own, here are a few steps you can do that can surely help sell your home:

  1. Declutter. Since you’re leaving the house, you need to start cleaning it up and clearing your belongings. All your personal things should go because the next owners don’t need them. Besides, you don’t want to give them a problem throwing them away. Buyers want a place they can put their things in. If you keep most of your stuff, they will have a hard time disposing them if they have their own things.
    Also, you have to remove damaged furniture and other items that will not be helpful in creating a livable place. A room or premises filled with things will look crowded and small and dark so clear the place up to project a clean appearance that is ready for the buyers to move in.
  2. Depersonalize.You don’t need to remove everything when you depersonalize property but there are times that a cheap rug is better than your expensive area rug. Why? Because expensive hardwood floor needs to be emphasized more than floor decoration. A big wall frame may be a nice decoration but the buyer might have own preferences in beautifying the interior.

Windows need to show light and views from outside. Use window treatments to change the overall appearance and theme of the home. Regardless of your preferences, whether country or modern, the most important thing is you highlight the views outside of the windows and make it easy for the light to come in.

Optimize space by making rooms look less crowded. Remove unnecessary furniture but you may keep only a few good ones that don’t impede the flow in the room. A bare room may look more inviting and appealing if you put a small table on it with a little figurine. Big sofas may need to go because they will make the room look smaller.

Ensure you don’t leave any controversial stuff to prevent people who don’t share the same views from being offended.

  1. Disengage. Your house has been your shelter for quite some time and selling it can cause emotional pain. Many home sellers have a hard time moving on and it takes them a long time to eventually depersonalize their house and make it ready to show it to the buyers. However, once you decide to sell your home, it is time to disassociate yourself from it. It is not going to be your home anymore. Declutter, depersonalize and eventually, disengage yourself and move on.Think of the various benefits that selling your property can give you. Whatever your reasons for selling it, you will earn money and eventually have a new house that you can start customizing again.

Your house is not anymore yours so de-personalize it as soon as you decide to let go of it. Once you have accepted that you need to stage your property for sale, you can decide to do it yourself or hire a real estate agent or a home stager to do it for you. However, you can increase your chances of a higher profit if you “detail your home” because those who can help you stage your property are experts in what they do and can increase the selling price as well as reduce the stress that goes with home selling.

You may spend for these experts but they can give you a peace of mind that your house will sell at the right price and you can get the highest profit possible while you relax and wait for it to happen.

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