2007 CT REIA Real Estate Investor Awards

||2007 CT REIA Real Estate Investor Awards

2007 CT REIA Real Estate Investor Awards

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At our Annual Holiday Dinner, we gave out awards to our members for different things throughout the past year! Check out who won below.

Home Run Deal of the Year Award

I have a story that is the biggest home run . I purchased a home for 187k. I turned around and got a tenant buyer for $2000 per month for one year. I then sold it for $280k. I did not spend any money on the house. This was one big deal for me this was a win win for all parties. The seller was losing the house and didn’t want to go thru the foreclosure process, the new buyer did not have perfect credit and could not get a mortagage so i let them do a lease with option to buy, and they were real happy and pleased with that . I sold the property after 1 year having had a positive cash flow for 12 months at about $500 per month and a cash out at the back end. What a sweet deal – Pat Civitella

Rookie Business of the Year Award

LCP Construction Management as Rookie of the Year. One year ago today we walked in to a meeting hoping to get some contracting work, a year later we have become a valuable “team” member to many of the largest investing firms in the state. We have also immediately turned in to investors our selves obtaining three properties this year and currently have two more properties set to close in January. We have also Just finished filming an episode of “Flip This House” with CT homes, and are slated to film another episode. LCP Construction Management has very quickly become the rehabbers of choice for many Fairfield and New Haven County investors. In addition LCP’s founders Matt Cronin and Lucas Papageorge have started teaching a rehabbing course with the Fairfield Board of Education and our class was so successful and had such positive feedback that our course has been expanded for another semester.

CTREIA Member of the Year

In 2007, Deirdre has become an outstanding member and investor. Over the year, she has introduced many people to the benefits of CT REIA – and they have followed her lead by joining the association. She brings a positive attitude to all of her endeavors. In 2007, she purchased a six family apt house in Norwalk and totally rehabbed it without using any of her own money, using creative financing. By renting a few of the apartments to the Special Needs market on a fully furnished all-inclusive basis, the building positively cash-flows. Deirdre is successfully negotiating short sales, gathering leads by being on radio and networking with realtors. She is bidding on her first three acre, new construction subdivision deal in Stamford. It has certainly been an exciting year and big learning experience for Deirdre. Thank you for being such a great example of the possibility of CTREIA!

Most Dedicated Volunteer

Joe Laskowski (His son broke his leg the day before our Monday night (Nov. 19) meeting and Joe came just to help at the beginning of the meeting. He did not even stay for the speaker. PLUS, he locked his keys in his car and had to hang around waiting for AAA while his wife was home with a screaming newborn baby, a 3 yr. old with a broken leg and another youngster! Maybe this award should go to his wife Christine! Thank you for participating!

Perfect Attendance

Renita Satchell, Anna Boose – They are there every month and go right to their tasks. Renita and Anna are usually the first people that CTREIA visitors meet at our meetings – and they really give us a positive, professional impression. Thank you so much!

Successful Investor of the Year

N’Marie Crumbie – N’Marie has done many successful short sales in a very short time. She works with real estate agents and CT REIA members to help them create successful deals. N’Marie has completed 13 rehabs and many Short sales this year, she is the owner of House Everything with an office in East Hartford. N’Marie is a member of the newly formed “Woman in Real Estate Investors Association” (WREIA) A new subchapter of CT REIA.

Turning Neighborhoods Around in Hartford

Jan D’Agostino – Jan D’Agostino has been a CT REIA member for two years. With the assistance of the Hartford police dept. Jan, empty several buildings that were infected with drug dealers and therefore cleaned-up an entire neighborhood. Jan is extremely motivated, driven, focused and disciplined. Jan went from 3 units to 40+ units in 12 months- an astounding feat. Highly skilled at rapid evaluation & identifying opportunities, excellent at finding funds and truly the Mistress of the Deal. Jan quit her J.O.B December 06. Jan a director of the newly formed “Woman Real Estate Investors Association”

Outstanding Leader

Acer Colt – Acer Colt has assisted 100’s of CT REIA members achieve their goals in buying apartment buildings and quit their J.O.B. With an uncanny ability to motivate, see vision where few do and magically create funds, he is a consummate Deal Maker. Substantial expertise in acquisition / liquidation of large buildings and small. A Commercial Real Estate Broker. His skills at negotiating, structuring and finance are substantial. He currently has several apartment buildings of every size and shape in the Greater Hartford area and is still buying more. Acer has been a CT REIA member for four years.

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