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8th article in the Marketing Your Real Estate Investment Business Series. Previous one – Targeted Mailing Campaigns.

Real Estate Classifieds

As a Real Estate Investor (REI), you should be looking at all potential opportunities to advertise your business. Sometimes the solution has been right in front of your nose this whole time, like the classified ads you’d find on newspapers that to this day are still a reliable and affordable way to let the people around you know you are fully open for business.

If you choose to invest in a classified ad to get your name out there for any prospective clients, make sure it is in a local paper since you’d want to do business within proper driving distance anyway. You’d be surprised to find out that many small towns have their own newspaper that offer ad space for prices much cheaper than the larger printing companies; selling advertisements are what helps keep their paper afloat, after all.

Keep your message short and sweet and right to the point. You can’t add color to spice up your image in the black-and-white paper, so you’ll need a catchphrase and picture that can still be the first thing the reader notices once they reach the Classifieds page.

Classified ads are a great resource since you can create your own message and decide how long you want it to run for. Select a budget that will allow you to run your endorsement for at least three months; twelve months is even better for the price and potential for clientele. Remember that just one deal will pay you back tenfold!

Don’t stop after your ad has been published. Take the opportunity to read the paper itself in the “For Sale” and “For Rent” sections. Remember that you aren’t the only person using the local newspaper to talk real estate; you will easily find leads that you can network and give business cards to. With your REI business in the paper too, when they are ready to sell, they will come to you first!

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