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Targeted Mailing Campaigns

7th article in the Marketing Your Real Estate Investment Business Series. Previous one – Work with a Licensed REALTOR®.

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In the digital age, direct, physical mail can still be a popular marketing technique compared to video and social networking. As the postcard campaign business says,

“People will keep your cards for their content and when they’re ready to move, or know someone who is, your number is right at their fingertips!”

Sendsations is just one of the businesses that can set up with a gorgeous design to send out all along in your area. There is also that offers a custom quote on a specific plan, and that currently offers $50 off your first order after you sign up for their email newsletter.

Sending a mailing campaign to a targeted group is a good way to find properties quickly.

When thinking of who to send the postcards to, target groups that have access to properties and can assist you such as lawyers, financial planners, realtors and mortgage brokers. If you want to have a full list of ideal candidates, you can purchase from a list broker.

But, if you have the time, it’s just as easy to do it yourself! When you create the advertisement you want to send, make sure it is professional, clear, and to the point. You do not want to add a lot of filler. Thinking “out of the box” can really grow your real estate investor business; all it takes is a little imagination!

The cost of postage for your mail campaign is minimal and you will get phenomenal results. When you design the postcard, your message needs to be clear and concise because you do not have a lot of space. Just like with your business cards, use bright, eye-catching colors and words that will hone the complete attention of the reader. You should send your postcards to people delinquent on taxes, owners of condemned buildings, and people with more than two properties in your county. You can find these people by searching in your local tax records. For a full list of recommended recipients, contact your local REIA (Real Estate Investors Association.)

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