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Networking your REI Business

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3d article in the Marketing Your Real Estate Investment Business Series. Previous one – Finding REI Properties.

Networking will always be extremely important for a Real Estate Investor (REI). As we briefly referenced in “Marketing your REI Business,” the more people you talk to, the better your chances of finding a property. Most people don’t know that their postal carriers, package delivery people, and even the guy who pumps gas is a perfect subject for networking your services and handing out business cards.

But beyond just the people you interact with one-on-one, be a fully active participant in your community. Sponsor your local little league team where your business insignia can show up on the t-shirts or flyers. Volunteering in charity organization can both expand your network and bring a positive image of yourself to others. Your local radio stations are always looking for content, so why not lend your voice to one of their segments? Podcasts are also hugely popular these days; look and see if any are recorded in your area.

People are more inclined to refer your services if there is something in it for them, so offer them a referral fee. It’s essentially going by how the free market works: if people know there is money in it for them, they are more likely to do things for you; in this case, handing out business cards. Opportunities are everywhere, and referral groups can be found in a variety of websites like and

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All across this country are Real Estate Networking events and meetups for you to go to. Treat these conferences as an opportunity to engage with other professionals in this industry, learning about any new market info and any strategies your colleagues are using. And it doesn’t even need to be an event centered around real estate: any kind of group opportunities like you’d find on is a venue for building relationships and engaging with people in other locations who can pass along any tips on the property situation.

Of course, the more commonly used tool these days is social media. Responding to your clients through email and instant messaging is an incredibly quick way to be swift in promoting yourself and following good leads. Create a Facebook and Twitter account to sell yourself, but also make sure your personality is shown to prevent yourself from looking like yet another money grabber on the net. Also, be sure keep up with the blogs your clients read or are trending in the real estate business. Or, better yet, create your own blog where you can show off everything your area has to offer, including any landmarks or great restaurants to make moving there seem like a dream.

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