Marketing your REI Business. Part 1 – Business Cards

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Marketing your REI Business. Part 1 – Business Cards

Business card for real estate business

First article in the Marketing Your Real Estate Investment Business Series.

Without marketing, your Real Estate Investing (REI) business doesn’t exist. No one is going to call you to sell you their house or to buy a property from you, or lend you money if they don’t know you want any of these things. Marketing gets your message out to your clients so they respond to your offer. To make your REI turn beneficial, it takes a little ingenuity to fully succeed and earn cash.

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Business Cards

If possible, we recommend having two different business cards to present yourself with. One can be purely professional that you can use with professionals in your business (lawyers, real estate agents, etc.) and institutional sellers. The other can be your marketing card that describes what you do with style and is a great way to create the high profile you’re looking for!

Typical REI business card layout and style

Your marketing card should make an impact, something people can pick up and read as soon as it catches their eye. This can be achieved by using bright, bold colors as the font. But also, don’t forget to use a card stock that both looks and feels professional, like white linen. Confirm that the print is easy to read and should include:

  • Your name and title
  • Phone and fax number
  • Email Address
  • (Optional) A picture of you or your recent project
  • A tag line and brief mission statement

If you don’t know what to put in for your title, it’s easy! Remember: this is your company so you can generate any banner you like. For example, Acquisition Specialist, CEO, Real Estate Entrepreneur, or Property Manager are both truthful and give your clients the impression that you mean serious business.

Please make sure the email address you use on your card is 100% competent. In other words, don’t use your personal email that’s probably a mess of casual words and numbers like “” Use a contact that has your full name a respect email brand like “” If you have a website, you can get an email that matches the domain name. If needed, you can easily get a new email address for free you can use just for your REI.

Now, go ahead and design your card, then order at least 100 of them. It’s never too soon since you can always modify and request for more later. Either way, you need a card for your REI as soon as possible.

Never be bashful about where to distribute your cards. Have them on you wherever you go – you never know when the opportunity to hand them out will present itself. For example, you can pass them along to all your local merchants you do business with, from your hairdresser to your postman. Did you know that garage sales are 40% held by people who are thinking of moving?

Even when you’re taking a walk in your neighborhood, hand them out with whoever you meet up with along the way. Simply saying hello to your neighbors opens the door to a short presentation with your card, and they can also be posted on a community bulletin board is also a great way to get exposure. There are so many different and unique ways of distributing them, you just have to use your imagination and the rest will fall into place!

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