Free Money from the Government?

||Free Money from the Government?

Free Money from the Government?

Free Money? Really??

Yes. The government has free money to give out in the form of grants, loans, and subsidies that are available to those who know how to get it. There are tons of different programs available to you and others like you to use in the community. One of the best ways that elected officials know to keep them in office is to funnel the money they receive in the grants and loans back into the community that voted for them in the first place.

It’s Really Your Money

In all actuality, those funds are already yours. They are taken from you to the government in the form of taxes and given back to you in the form of a subsidy or a grant. The kicker is you have to know HOW to get the money back in the first place. Learn how to follow the instructions on the grant application and the it comes right back to you.

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What is Your Big Idea?

What are you thinking of investing in or studying? There’s a grant for that! If you want to start a new business, tag the Grizzly bears or even study a specific type of fish in the ocean, there’s a financing or loan available for you to use. There are finances available for you to buy, fix up and sell real estate as well. Whatever your big dream or idea is, there’s probably a loan, program or grant for that same idea.

Partner with Your Uncle Sam

When it comes to financing your big idea and goal, Uncle Sam is a very generous partner to work with. There are many opportunities available for you to take advantage of to make a way for yourself. If you’re considering financing a home or are a first time buyer, there are projects to help you make ends meet. Uncle Sam has programs to help you buy a home without any money down such as the VA loans or even with a very small part down such as with the FHA loan program. You also get tax benefits and breaks once you’re in the home so that you can fully take advantage of your investment.

Help You Make Money

Did you know that the government can help you to make money? Consider this idea. There are Rental Rehabs available for those who want to buy rental income and improve the property. You can apply and receive those loans to fix up the property so that you can have tenants move in. Your tenants can also apply for Section 8 housing which will help them to make the rental payments on time and in their budget. This is all the while making you money as you have a nice location for tenants to live and you’re making a profit on the building.

What About Your Credit?

Does your credit have to be beyond reproach for these programs? What if you have dings and nicks along the way of your credit history? Well, it all depends on which programs you choose to apply for. If you are applying for a program that is based on a project, then you may not need to worry about your credit. Other loans and initiatives you have to be personally responsible for and your credit history can come into play. There are some projects out there designed just for people with less than perfect credit. That means that there are some programs that you have to be turned down from the bank before you can even apply to this loan process.

So How Do You Get This Free Money?

You will need to put in a little footwork to make this work for you. Start by using your resources at your fingertips and do your research. You’ll need to make some phone calls and ensure the grant or program you’re interested in is still available. Go to your library and check out information on grants and federal programs. You may run into some that are no longer available but do not despair. There are still plenty of them out there waiting for you to find them.

Confirm that you meet all the giver specified guidelines and start the application process. When you want to request your grant program you’ll need two separate documents ready. One is your Grant Proposal, followed by your Letter of Appeal. Once you’ve found the right initiative for you, these two documents are your next step. You can explain what you’re going to do with it in the grant proposal. This is only needed if the amount of funding you are requesting is more than $2500.

Remember that this is your money and it was yours in the first place. The government wants to feed back into programs and communities so do not wait. Get your grant proposal ready today!

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