Finding Your Next Deal is as Easy as Opening Up Your Eyes

|, by Speaker, Featured, Linda Baumgarten|Finding Your Next Deal is as Easy as Opening Up Your Eyes

Finding Your Next Deal is as Easy as Opening Up Your Eyes

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Marketing your REI Business

Marketing your REI Business takes a little ingenuity especially for women real estate investors. Your marketing business card should make an impact, something that people pick up and read as soon as it catches their eye. This can be achieved by using bright bold colors.

There are many ways you can distribute your business cards. First of all, make sure you have your marketing business cards on you where ever you go; you never know when the opportunity to hand them out will present itself.

When you’re taking a walk around your neighborhood the opportunity to hand out your business cards is there. Saying hello to your neighbors opens the door to you handing them your business card. Posting your cards on a community bulletin board is also a great way to get exposure. There are so many different and unique way of distributing them, you just have to use your imagination and the rest will fall into place!

Finding REI Properties

As a Real Estate Investor you are constantly looking for properties to purchase. You never know when a property will pop up so it’s important to be ready at all times. Keep a pen and notebook within reach just in case you need to write down an address. Having a camera and tape recorder is also recommended.

You have heard the adage ‘be aware of your surroundings’ this is perhaps the best advice a real estate investor can get. Whether you’re walking, bike riding or driving, keep a look out for vacant or abandoned properties, homes that have no appeal at all or appear unkempt. These are the properties you should be most interested in.

Networking your REI Business

Networking is extremely important in real estate investing; the more people you talk to the better your chances of finding a property. Talk to people who are familiar with the homes in your area; postal carriers, food and package delivery people even the guy who pumps your gas. These are all opportunities to network your services and hand out your business cards.

People are more inclined to refer your services if there is something in it for them so offer them a referral fee. If they know there is money in it for them, they are more likely to hand out your business cards. Opportunities are everywhere; you just have to know where to recognize them.

Distributing your business cards

Local contractors and sub-contractors are an excellent resource when you’re looking for REI properties. When you think about it, they know your farm area; they know the buildings, they know work on homes in your area and you can use this information to your advantage. Establish a network of informed people who can give you the information that you need and will allow you to purchase properties stay ahead of your competitors. Give them a stack of your business cards and let them know from the start that you will give them a referral fee for everyone referred by them.

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